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Objective-C or Swift?

I've been planning to get on the iOS8 boat for a while now (well, since they announced it, actually). But as one with a full life, I haven't gotten around to actually do much. I played around with some Swift, watched some WWDC14 sessions but that's about it.

Until tonight: I want to start over again on Drash. There's a half baked iteration made for iOS7 (the current app runs still on iOS6 but feels right into place on iOS7 thanks to its minimal interface). But iOS8 changes so much again that I feel that it's best to start over again.

But then this begs the question: Objective-C or Swift?

There's some pro and cons to both, I think.

Cocoapod All The Things

So, am I the only one who manages to get sidetracked a lot when working on (personal) projects?

For example, I have a few generic components written for various projects. In the past I would just add a vendor folder to my project, put the component there and be done with it.

But I've become to like CocoaPods to much that I cannot get myself to use this simple approach anymore. The CocoaPods approach makes using external libs so clean that it feels dirty not to (unless there's no other option).


This post is somewhat a diversion from what I usually post, but recent events have had such profound impact on how I feel that I feel obliged (to myself) to write about this. (Unfortunately, my English is not proficient enough to convey all my thoughts and feelings, but I'm giving it a shot anyway).

I want to say goodbye to a friend. A dear friend. A best friend.

NSSpain 2014

So I did manage to go to NSSpain this year. Having missed it last year, I had vowed to go this year. But intentions don't always work out in the end, so it was a really last minute decision to actually go (props for my team at iCapps to deliver awesome results so that I actually could go - I am proud of you guys and girls!). Also, a very big thank you to Luis for helping me find a way to Logroño, which proved harder than expected (booking everything last minute doesn't help, of course).

I'm very happy to have actually attended. The suddenly changed circumstances before I left surely had an impact on my expierence. My thoughts and feelings were more at home than in Logroño, but I tried to make the best of it. Thought about "going back" several times, but I'm happy to have stayed. ;)

Now, enough with the emotionalism (is that even a word?), how was NSSpain?

Explicitly implemented protocols

While traveling home from NSSpain yesterday, I got an idea for a new app. Nothing groundbreaking, and more on that later, but it required the use of health kit. I also decided to write this one in Swift, for fun and profit but mostly for fun (and perhaps also because practice makes perfect).