Cocoapod All The Things

September 14th, 2014 · · development, cocoapods

So, am I the only one who manages to get sidetracked a lot when working on (personal) projects?

For example, I have a few generic components written for various projects. In the past I would just add a vendor folder to my project, put the component there and be done with it.

But I've become to like CocoaPods to much that I cannot get myself to use this simple approach anymore. The CocoaPods approach makes using external libs so clean that it feels dirty not to (unless there's no other option).

But then the problem is that when I have a "new" generic component for a new project, I need to turn it into a CocoaPod first. This means splitting of the code, making a podspec, testing the podspec and then integration it into your project. Sure, not a lot of work, but it adds to the 'total drag'. Now I know I only inflict this on myself, but still. :)

It also doesn't help me thinking: "wait, somebody else might find this handy" and I go off by making another repo on github, pushing the code there, adding a README and LICENSE file, add/update the CocoaPods specs repo with the new/updated podspec and issue a pull request for the update to be merge into the main repository. I could be using a simple development or local pod, but the first keeps the code local to the repo, and the second one, well, I don't have a local CocoaPods repo set up.

So, nothing big, but these things feel like a hassle sometimes even though I'm happy to share my code with other. Sometimes I just wish I could force myself back to the vendor approach, but I guess I'm tainted forever.