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Swift: an array of protocols

I was working on a side project yesterday, a side project which I decided to develop using Swift. My day job mostly consists of Objective-C (which I still love) but all the hip kids are doing Swift and it doesn't hurt to keep along with the latest trend, right? And learning is fun.

So I was coding away, and I had this component which needed to notify several other components of certain events that happened. In practice this meant that I needed a sort of multicast delegate. Now, I could have solved this the old Cocoa way by using notifications, but I try to stay away from them unless it really makes sense. The contract they offer is pretty loose (which can be handy too), but I wanted to try something more set-in-stone right now.


Let me introduce: SwiftyAs. It's a tiny little library to provide sort of the same functionality as as? from Swift in Objective-C. Let me explain...

Explicitly implemented protocols

While traveling home from NSSpain yesterday, I got an idea for a new app. Nothing groundbreaking, and more on that later, but it required the use of health kit. I also decided to write this one in Swift, for fun and profit but mostly for fun (and perhaps also because practice makes perfect).

Objective-C or Swift?

I've been planning to get on the iOS8 boat for a while now (well, since they announced it, actually). But as one with a full life, I haven't gotten around to actually do much. I played around with some Swift, watched some WWDC14 sessions but that's about it.

Until tonight: I want to start over again on Drash. There's a half baked iteration made for iOS7 (the current app runs still on iOS6 but feels right into place on iOS7 thanks to its minimal interface). But iOS8 changes so much again that I feel that it's best to start over again.

But then this begs the question: Objective-C or Swift?

There's some pro and cons to both, I think.