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Explicitly implemented protocols

While traveling home from NSSpain yesterday, I got an idea for a new app. Nothing groundbreaking, and more on that later, but it required the use of health kit. I also decided to write this one in Swift, for fun and profit but mostly for fun (and perhaps also because practice makes perfect).


I was listening to the most recent Debug episode, the one featuring the ever apologetic @caseyliss talking about C#. It's another great episode (but most of the Debug episodes are great - I love the interaction of @gte with his guests). I was particularly interested in this one since I have a similar background: I spent most of my working days on a Microsoft platform and produced a bucketload of C# code (ever since it came out early 2000). Since late 2010 I've been mostly dabbling in Objective-C on the iOS platform. So I was quite curious on what Casey had to say.

While I'm not going to rehash everything here (go listen to the podcast), I agreed with most of it. I do think he forgot an important feature of generics and c# in general: "compile time breakage".