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Watchkit app versions

I came across this article by Daniel Kennett this morning. I had seen him tweet about it too, but checking my feeds (yeah, I still do that, albeit not daily) I noticed he also made a post about it.

Having toyed a lot with build configurations and their associated settings configuration, I was curious how he solved the issue.

I'd have to concur with Daniel: the solution is horrible. 8 Steps to get this working, with aggregate targets and disabling of parallelization of the project: Not Good™.

But my interest was piqued, and so I tried to recreate his problem (not hard) and find a better solution. I assumed it would still be hacky, but less hacky than Daniel's "Horrible" solution.

Swift: an array of protocols

I was working on a side project yesterday, a side project which I decided to develop using Swift. My day job mostly consists of Objective-C (which I still love) but all the hip kids are doing Swift and it doesn't hurt to keep along with the latest trend, right? And learning is fun.

So I was coding away, and I had this component which needed to notify several other components of certain events that happened. In practice this meant that I needed a sort of multicast delegate. Now, I could have solved this the old Cocoa way by using notifications, but I try to stay away from them unless it really makes sense. The contract they offer is pretty loose (which can be handy too), but I wanted to try something more set-in-stone right now.