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I am currently at NSConference 6. For those who haven't heard of NSConference, it's a "community conference for OSX and iOS developers". It's a 3-day conference about developing for OSX/iOS by and for developers. If you're an iOS or Mac developer based in Europe, it's a great way to meet the community and learn new stuff.

The problem with these conferences is inspiration. The talks are usually pretty good, and get you fired up to start doing something. Not necessarily with the knowlegde you learn at the conference, but even with what you've been working on at home (or work). The great thing about NSConference (and in general about the smaller conferences) is that they're mixed technical and non-technical. Not everything is about "how to code this-and-that", but it's also how what other people have learned, passing on their experience onto the attendees. Sometimes the talks are mainly about your own "wetware" (thanks @bmf!), how you deal with building apps and interaction with your customers, clients or colleagues.