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WWDC 2015 Predictions

That time of year again: june! Time for WWDC. A special WWDC: given my future plans, it'll be the last (in a while I guess) WWDC I'll be experiencing from the outside. So this is the perfect opportunity to do another predictions post. 😉

WWDC Predictions

My predictions for the WWDC keynote:

  • We won't see Jony Ive on stage
  • I'm guessing Federighi will take over Forestalls part (on the other hand, how mindbending it would be to have Forstall do the iOS part!)
  • Ive will do (at least one) video where he'll do his tilted head magic telling us how they designed the best iOS experience ever (it will be "truly the result of years of innovation and hard work").

I wonder if he'll manage to sneak in an "aluminium" in the iOS video, though.