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iOS7 control center

Last weekend, I went on a short trip to the south of France with my kids, on a visit. I was planning to take the D90 with me to snap some pictures of us having fun, but I managed to forget the bag with the camera at home. While that sucked, I had my iPhone with me, so the backup plan was to use the camera of the phone. That camera is pretty good, but it's no DSLR either. But that was not the point I was going trying to make.

No, it's the interaction between the camera button on the lock screen and the new notification center in iOS7. The camera button has been there since iOS5 I think, and I've used it quite a lot (I even lock the phone and access the camera through the lock screen instead of using the camera app icon in the app grid). It's a great way to quickly access the camera, and it works fine.