November 05th, 2015 · · open source, development

This is a follow-up post to this post, wherein I started a quest for a new ViewDeck maintainer. I say quest, but I actually meant "let's just throw it out there and see how it goes".

So I had already left for my job at Apple and had my first work day there done, when I received a DM from Michael Ochs, asking if I had already found a new maintainer. To be honest, at that point, I was a bit afraid I might not find one. That was fine it itself, but I really wanted to "disconnect" myself from the project, even though I hadn't really touched it in a few years.

But here was Michael, volunteering for the job. While I haven't met him in person we did talk a few times over the interwebs, and he's felt like a perfect fit for the job. And so I added him to the ViewDeck organisation so he could start playing his role.

As far as I could follow, he's been doing an admirable job. Responding to PRs, categorizing, tagging and replying to issues, cleaning things up, and moving things forward. Exactly what ViewDeck needed: some fresh blood to get things going again.

And I'm very happy with that.

Today, I have removed myself as an admin and member from the ViewDeck organisation, and made myself an "outside collaborator":

I have played my role in this project and now it's time for somebody else to do that. My commits are there forever and I keep a private copy (right until when Michael took over) for myself. I technically can still commit and push, but I won't be doing any of that.

So thank you, Michael, and have fun with it. It seems you'll be doing a mighty fine job. 😉