October 10th, 2015 · · usa, life, work

Some observations and highlights of one week in California:

  • Given the number of commercials for food on TV, it's no surprise my studio had no actual table (I have one coming in on Monday though).
  • Speaking of TV commercials: a 90 minute movie takes 3 hours because for every 10 minutes of movie, there's an accompanying 10 minutes of commercials.
  • More on food: there's seem to be enough food chains that you can eat in a different one each day of the month.
  • I managed to open a US bank account, because Apple Pay.
  • I stopped wearing a sweater after 4 days. The weather's just too gorgeous.
  • Got rid of the jetlag by Friday. I do am dog-tired every night I get home (I barely survived past 10pm this week). This was confirmed when I managed to sleep more than 3 hours during middle of the day on Saturday.
  • Related: I sleep a lot better with the airco on than off (I discovered after 3 nights).
  • Driving a car with automatic transmission is awkward at first, but so glorious once you get used to it.
  • I'm never going to get used to American food portions. Man.
  • No Starbucks yet (yay!), and Philz Coffee is pretty great (yay!).
  • They have Seinfeld on TV.
  • Did I mention the weather's pretty great out here?
  • Bay Area traffic sucks. Luckily my daily commute doesn't suffer from it.
  • 2 more shootings happened in the US while I was here. The mind, it bends.
  • Bacon.
  • Most people are very nice and welcoming. This is especially true for the people I've met at Apple.
  • I don't know of a good Dutch word for "tailgating".
  • Finding a good way to pronounce my last name as something comprehensibly for Americans is quite the challenge.
  • Most drivers here are pretty disciplined.
  • When talking in myself (this is a healthy trait to have, okay?) I am now doing it in a combination of English and Dutch.
  • Why is everyone so crazy about crème brûlée?
  • I haven't made it to San Francisco. This Saturday night, I will.
  • Shopping in another country is strangely disconcerting. Even if a supermarket is just a supermarket, it's different enough to feel uncomfortable.

And oh... Working at Apple has been great so far. Can't wait for more.