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Hunting for change

(This blogpost expands on a number of tweets I published this evening)

I've been looking for change all my life I think. Not actively. Or sometimes more active than at other moments. I've never been somebody who values status quo or who gets stuck in habits. I rarely get up at the time each morning, I'm not bothered when I get to lunch at 1pm instead of 12:30. I don't have to take the car to work each day, or I have no problem with skipping my daily train routine for another route or transportation option.

Not sure where this comes from, but I'm kinda always on the lookout for new things. For example, I quite abruptly switched from .Net consultancy and programming to iOS development. This wasn't easy, you know. A whole new platform, a new language, a new way of doing things. But at the time I was given the opportunity to do this, and I took it with two hands. It was time for something new. Time to learn new things, time for change.