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A Swift Test

At the latest iCapps Monthly Teammeeting (today!), I presented our developers with a small Swift test. It was supposed to be a bit tongue in cheek, but also a bit serious. This new language coming out of Apple is pretty new but also here to stay, so it can't hurt to get on the bandwagon sooner rather than later. A few of us got to go to WWDC and see everything for themselves, the rest of us maybe spent some time with the videos or even started coding but I guess the majority hasn't really gotten around to seriously looking at this new language.

And so, to spike the interest a bit more, I made this little test to see how much we all knew about Swift. It's not complete by far and it only touches on a few specifics, but I had it set up as a multiple choice test so it was kind of hard to touch on every feature in the language (for example: try asking a question on the brand new enum syntax without spoiling it). And the main goal was to show the difference from Objective-C.


I'm afraid of becoming obsolete.

There, I've said it.

Let me explain: I work in a highly competitive sector which changes rapidly. This is nothing new, of course. It's always been that way. But before, I was younger. Not that I'm really old now, but that big 4 slowly creeping closer doesn't count for nothing. But I guess this is not really about age: I'm happy to work in a team with a bunch of early 20 year olds and it feels that I can manage that just fine. Sure, there are "generational" differences but all in all it works out pretty nice (I can only hope they feel the same though).